Weekly Tracker - As you seek to review your week

Organize your days and weeks with this minimal yet comprehensive planner, tracker, and journal. Weekly tracker includes the Daily Tracker and automatically integrates the daily pages to review your week in your Notion LifeOS.

Planning, journaling, and reviewing your week shouldn't be hard. This template uses the powers of Notion (roll ups, filters, formulas, etc) to aggregate information from your daily pages. Enjoy the flexibility of planning rocks for the day and week, tracking your key goals, and journaling at each review.

About LifeOS: Weekly Tracker

Outcomes you can drive

  • Focus on the most important tasks (rocks) for the week and day
  • Track daily and review aggregates weekly on other life priorities
  • Review, journal, and improve 1% every day. Compound that every week.


  • Plan your rocks for the week and break them down to pick up parts each day
  • Keep most important tasks for the day down to 2 (max 3) and move the rest to ‘other’
  • Pick <5 priorities aligned with your long-term goals and values to track and review
  • Review your week, journal, and identify what worked well and what didn't
  • On this backdrop, plan the rocks for your next week

Pro-tip: Build a 10 minute routine with the Daily Tracker (included in this template) at the start and end of each day. When you do this regularly, you will boost your end of week review and planning in less time.

All the best, I hope you get s**t done with this!

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